Agendas & Minutes

Mango Groves Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes 5/19/2011

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Minutes from Apr 21 Meeting approved
Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance $1930.67, ending balance $2050.67

Guest Speaker: Joel Rutsky – Conservation Management Supervisor Lake Worth Utilities - Energy Efficiency
• Energy Conservation Assistance Program – Start with Energy and Water Conservation Audit. 1.5 to 2 hours in home by appt. call 561 586 1653
• Go to and click on “I want to lower my utilities”, arrive at conservation page.
• Get energy monitors at Library
• Get Energy Saving Kit at Audit, or bring a copy of your Utilities Bill to Utilities Administration Bldg, 1200 2nd Ave North behind old Publix.
• Rebates offered for energy saving upgrades to your appliances or Solar energy.

PBSO Update by 2 PBSO Officers (names unknown)
• 2-3 Burglaries
• 1 Armed Robbery
• 5 search warrants west side of city
• Graffiti = please report ASPA to PBSO, they have a task force that wil come and repaint.

New Business:
• Yard Sale at the Pocket Park 431 N. K, corner of N. K St and 5th Ave N. May 22. Proceeds to cost of our Banners
• Crime Prevention Walk May 28th, 10am to Noon North Grade Elementary
• 2nd speaker – Cary Sabol – Co Chair CRA, possibly running for Mayor.

Mango Groves Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes 4/21/2011

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Minutes from March 24th Meeting approved
Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance $1616.07, ending balance $1930.67.
Refreshments kindly provided by My Spot Pizza located on Federal highway 1 block north of Lucerne

Guest Speaker: Joe Blakeman- PBC Animal Care and Control
T: 561 233 1220 email:
• You can report any concerns via the Crimestoppers Program anonymously.
• Animal Care and Control located on Belvedere Rd
• Lost and Found service available at PBACC. Recommend citizens retain proof of ownership, such as microchip, photos, proof of vaccinations, county license in case you lose your animal.
• Low Cost Spay Neuter, Vaccination, and Feral Cat TNR Programs available with PBACC, Peggy Adams, other charitable organizations in the area.
• Both PBACC and Code Enforcement oversee domestic animal concerns depending on the situation in question.

PBSO Update by Officer Maduri
• Crime in our area Mar 21 to present: 3 Burglaries, 39 traffic stops, 277 business or residential checks. Mostly crimes of opportunity. Lock your vehicles, houses, even in brief moments away recommended by Sheriff’s Dept. 24 Drug houses in all of Lake Worth, unknown how many in our neighborhood. Report any suspicious activity. Prostitution also actively being fought by PBSO.
• Presidential directive to Governor recently to initiate a Task Force against “Pill Mills”
• Please let mayor know about your support for the PBSO as there are budgetary concerns for continuing their contract with the City of Lake Worth.
• Traffic pattern change on 2nd Avenue North halted for the moment. Unknown if pattern will change in immediate future from A St east to J St.
• Officer Maduri spoke with new Publix Manager, Mitch Jeffries. He will hang Trespass Affidavit signs, and he will be proactive with sweeps of the area, including the loading dock with the assistance of PBSO
• Interesting websites: Report Graffiti:
House Watch:
PBSO Lake Worth district site:

We are looking for committee members for help and ideas related to the following topics:
• New Pocket Park at 431 N. K, Sponsors, Blight Busters, Communications, Banners, Yard Sale
• Please volunteer! What are your concerns?

New Business:
• Yard Sale at the Pocket Park 431 N. K, corner of N. K St and 5th ave N. on May 22. Please donate or participate! This could really grow into a fine event!
• Crime Prevention Walk May 28th, 10am to Noon

Old Business:
• Progressive Dinner (Not Discussed)
• Great American Cleanup (Not Discussed)

Mango Groves Neighborhood Association Agenda
Monthly Meeting 3/24/11
Compass Community Center
201 N Dixie Hwy
Lake Worth, FL 33460



A. MGNA meeting minutes from February 17th meeting. (Available online –

C. TREASURERS report (Read by Pat – approximately 1500 in account. Handed over responsibilities to our new Treasurer Steve Facella.)


A. Introduction of new MGNA Treasurer – Steve Facella
B. Progressive Dinner Information (See info on blog. Flyer emailed to all members and all those on email list. Contact Pat for more info.)
C. Vacant Lot Cleanup Presentation (Slideshow and discussion by Brian.)
D. Great American Cleanup Day 4/16/11(Announcement by Andy – going to clean up our streets – literally – starting at Lucerne and M at 8am.)
E. PBSO Alarm Unit (Presentation by Deputy Kathryn Bloeser. She will email us the PowerPoint presentation which will be made available online.)
F. Call for more board members (Drafted Tammy Pansa)
G. PBSO Update (2 stolen cars, 2 burglaries, 2 forced vehicle burglaries, stolen bike from OPEN garage. Lock your cars! Lock your house and garage! One stolen car had the keys inside! Not a lot of crime in our ‘hood.)


A. Josette Kaufman, Chair, Lake Worth Tree Board – Discussion of Tree Board, and Annual Shade Tree Give-Away, 4/30/11 – 8am @ City Hall. (Come early to get your tree. We have lost a LOT of trees the past ten years due to hurricanes. We would like to get some trees for our new pocket park at 431 N K Street. Josette will email us her PowerPoint presentation which will also be available online. They are looking for volunteers to work the Tree Give Away. Please email Josette - – if you want to participate.)

F. PUBLIC COMMENT (Call Animal Control for ALL animal issues besides life threatening ones. As discussed previously PBSO Officers would most likely NOT switch to a “new” Lake Worth Police Department.

(Crime Prevention Walk May 21st Saturday afternoon 2pm to 4pm?) (Next Board Meeting 4/11/11 7pm.)



FEBRUARY 17, 2011
7 PM

BOARD MEETING: Called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Andy Amoroso


Andy Amoroso, President
Greg Rice, Vice President
Pat Parr, Treasurer
Lynn Sibio, Secretary
Brian Smith, Director
Anna Marie Windisch-Hunt, Director


  • Treasurers Report read and approved.
  • Announcement: Mango Groves Neighborhood Association needs a new Treasurer, anyone interested please see Andy or Pat.
  • Minutes from January meeting read.

·         Elizabeth Eubanics, Turtle Watch:

Please be aware of positions on the beach marked with wooden stakes, they alert people where turtle eggs are located. Help educate, and call for help from community members and beach goers.  From March 1 thru March 31, lights are kept low. The hatchlings will gravitate towards lights away from the nesting area. If anyone sees turtles on the beach, especially hatchlings, call Turtle Watch immediately and they will instruct you how to proceed.   1-888-404-3922
·         Scott Maxwell, Commissioner:
    Mr. Maxwell offered Community members and the association his support.
    He also stressed the devastating effects that Lake Worth will suffer if the Sheriff’s       
    Department is removed.  Commissioner Maxwell appealed to all neighborhoods to                                                            
    become proactive.  “The Sheriff’s Department is the best thing since sunshine.”
    Our government’s primary role is to protect our people.

     Question: “Why don’t we increase our taxes to pay the Sheriff’s Department?”
     Response:  “That will not be enough money.” “Let’s evaluate our spending and          
     accounts receivable.” Uncollected funds.

·         The City is owed $1,000.000.00 mostly in property violations
·         $ 9,000,000.00 in utility bills
·         $11,000,000.00 in water waste
We need the uncollected money. In addition these concerns are not strictly economic as the city would like us to believe. They have much more to do with political control. It is imperative that you voice your concerns.

    Question:  “Why are the elected officials ignoring these concerns?”
    Response:  “Because they are not motivated.”
·         One of my concerns is; the City refuses to maintain and upgrade properties because that will increase rents and make it more difficult for renters to pay.
·         Andy Amoroso: Invited all to attend the Commission meetings held at City Hall.
·         The Board thanked Mr. Maxwell for his initiative to provide city owned rental signs on newly posted rentals. That would indicate that the owner has a valid renter’s license. Non official rental signs will be investigated by The Mango Grove Assoc. and appropriately reported to Code Enforcement.

Deputy Maduri updated the Association on local Police activity during the month of January

  • 14 Prostitutes arrested with the help of 6 female undercover officers.
  • 19 John Doe arrests.
  • During bicycle patrol officers discovered marijuana “grow house” discovered that there were 984 plants valued at $750,000.00, at 526 N. G. Street. This was a very big seizure and the investigation is ongoing.
  • Lake Worth had 17 burglaries, 14 were in broad daylight, 6 were forced entry, 6 pried open, 4 unlocked.
  • Bicycle patrol is very effective –  it has the benefit of surprise.
Detective Benino, Sheriff Department Special Operations

·         727 N.K Street a bust 3 prostitutes, drug dealer with 7.6 grams of crack.  This he stressed was directly related to handling neighbor complaints. Det. Benino also stresses the importance of community eyes and ears.
·         The Sheriff’s Department continues to make great progress in eliminating crime on a long term basis. Their aim is to ensure consequences for criminal activity so ideally the criminal element will move out of town. 

John Sullivan, Homeland Security, Special Intelligence for Terrorist Cells

·         CPAT-Community Partners against Terrorism, a program which clears and inducts local business and community members, to serve as additional watch and advisory committee’s.
·         CPAT-Teaches groups what to look for, how to be alert for certain activity.
·         They encourage ongoing active community involvement. Call the police or their department anytime. No concern is “too small” they would rather receive hundreds of calls than to take the risk of missing the one which will save lives.
·         There is a Department, aptly named the Fusion Center-Criminal Intelligence. These experts merge hundreds of different facts through a sophisticated computer program which then begins to put pieces together completing the “puzzle”. This method has a very high rate of success.
·         A very important reason for Mr. Sullivan to be here is disturbing.
·         Facts: regarding the attack on 9-11 19 of the 21 Terrorists involved lived in Palm Beach County, of those 19 terrorists 7 lived right here in Lake Worth.  “We need your eyes and ears!” He stresses.

Terrorism Hotline-1-800-429-0006
Emergency always dial 911

·         Sadie Giddis,  Young Environmentalist

Young Sadie wrote and read a heart wrenching well researched Ecological appeal.
  • Co2 levels
  • Glaciers melting
  • Overall devastating effects of Global Warming
Sadie offered one achievable solution. If we as communities, cities and states and countries begin planting trees on a massive scale, we can decrease toxic gas production, perhaps before it is too late to reverse existing damage.
Please consider planting a tree and passing this solution on to your family, friends and neighbors.

    Pat Parr, Treasurer

Progressive Dinner planning:
Needed 3 different homes, one provides Drinks and Appetizers
The second provides the Entrée, and the third Dessert.
This is open to paid members and costs less than 20 bucks.
Sometime around Late March or Early April, co-chairs are needed.

Greg Rice, Vice President

  • This Friday is an event to benefit the Kiwanis at La Dolce Vita Restaurant.

Ann Marie Windisch-Hunt, Director

  • Her blog Lake Worth Every Minute. She will only allow posting of positive events, stories etc.

Andy Amoroso, President

  • We are accepting donations for the yard sale which will provide money needed to purchase our neighborhood flags
  • Meeting Adjourned by Andy Amoroso at 8:30 p.m.

JANUARY 20, 2011
7 PM

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Andy Amoroso, President, Pat Parr, Treasurer
ABSENT: Greg Rice, Vice President

OTHERS PRESENT: J. Kroll, Public Services Director, former mayor elect Jeff Clemens, Representative District 89 State House of Representatives, Joel Morganstern, Crime Prevention Specialist District 14, Officers from the Palm Beach County Special Operations; Mike Donavan, Chris Johnson, Officer from PBSO:

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. by Andy Amoroso, President

Last Months Meeting Minutes: (none to be amended or approved)

All 25 present community members introduced themselves, business, profession, or other interests.

Treasure’s Report: Read and accepted. Annual membership dues are being accepted - $20.00 for households and $10.00 for seniors. Please see treasures after the meeting

Andy Amoroso: Stressed the importance of attending the CRA by Lula’s Program events, Farmers Market every Saturday at Lake Worth Beach, distributed trash and recycle pick up schedule as well as flyers for upcoming street painting festival, and Lake Worth visitor’s guide.
He announced the progress of Bryant Park and Annex improved dog walking proposal.
Andy also discussed the recent hiring of an outside company paid $45,000.00 to evaluate whether Lake Worth will benefit from ongoing participation with the Sheriff’s Department. He expressed his grave concern that if the Sheriff’s Department were to cease activity this would create many more safety and community concerns. This will not be cost effective. In addition he stressed the importance of community involvement in voicing concerns. Call or e-mail your district commissioner. The current Delta Airline Sky magazine contains a thorough description of Palm Beach, including Lake Worth and the mention of is great exposure.
Mayor Rene Varela, and Scott Maxwell, Commissioner will not run for another term.

J. Kroll: Addressed our associations request to utilize city property lot on 5th.and K Streets for green space. The city needs a commitment for maintenance of said property.
He discussed the responsibilities of his department and the PBSO regarding alley clean up and pick up. Our association does clean up and they pick up - a 2 or 3 day notice is needed.

Director Kroll then informed the association of a new recycling program. Landlord/Tenant re-imbursement program that Lake Worth is the first in the state to implement. Basically each home has the potential to receive about $8.00 a week depending on the amount of recycled goods. He also gave acknowledgement to Andy Amoroso for suggesting this unique program.

Another program implemented by his department is a new compose program. Beginning April all residents will have access to training for this ongoing movement. This will be listed on a link in the LW web-site beginning in April.

PBSO Lake Worth district report for the month:

Crime rate has gone down considerably thanks to increasing community involvement. All activity is listed on the LW web-site link.

Joel Morganstern:

Introduced Sheriff’s from Special Operations; Mike Donavan and Chris Johnson
Chris gave statistics of his department’s activity and impact on local crime:

600 arrests, prostitution with an ongoing sting operation, abandoned housing boarded up, and known drug dealers in the scope of this operation. It is structured for continuity. This will in effect have a much stronger infrastructure, with longer sentencing.
Both men strongly stressed how damaging it would be to remove this established system, and result oriented work. Joel Morganstern added his concern that removing the West Palm Sheriff Department has the potential for catastrophic implications. Not limited to having to establish a S.W.A.T. team, purchase vests, new hires, cars, all necessary equipment, and training. The projected cost would more than supersede what we pay now. Not to mention time, and damages.

If you see any illegal activity in your neighborhood calls the Lake Worth PD at 561-688-3000. They will triage the situation and contact special operations accordingly. Also REMEMBER TO LOCK YOUR CARS. This cuts down on auto related crimes significantly.

Jeff Clemens, Representative District 89, House of Representatives:

Jeff also stressed his opposition to the Sheriff’s department’s removal, stressing the severe financial and dangerous consequences.

Jeff discussed his schedule, and overall responsibilities in addition to the laws, by-laws under his purview. Also covered were programs he is “fighting” for as the representative for this district. Including but not limited to:
Programs being cut that are benefiting our most vulnerable residents.
A new “Road Rage” bill, which will, in effect force drivers to honor the “courtesy passing lane”. Left lanes are for passing only and to ignore that causes many problems. Police will be on alert for violations.
He elaborated on how the 10 year census works in territory apportioning.

Jeff also mentioned some very enlightening facts:

1. We have the 4th lowest taxes in the country.
2. We are 46th in the nation for student funding.
3. How additional financing, tutors, and additional effort on the part of LW high school have positively affected FCAT scores and performance has more than doubled.
4. Students within a 2 mile radius of the LW middle school do not get bussed and have to cross a very dangerous on and off ramp - the I95 overpass. His office continues to appeal this rule.
5. He addressed a question what happens to the LOTTO student allotment money. The money does indeed go to students; however he said other monies allotted are taken away. So the reality is that the LOTTO is structured for supplement and is now being used as replacement.
6. Stressing how very important higher standards of education have a significant impact on peoples decision to re-locate. Thus any decrease in funding will negatively affect our goals of attracting new residents.
For further information on the many topics Jeff and his staff are addressing he encourages residents to call with any questions. Especially if they are related to Medicare and Medicaid.

Jeff Clemens
508 C. Lake Avenue
Lake Worth, Fl. 33430

Located near the plaza, on the north side of the street.

In closing:

2011 elected Board members were sworn in by Jeff Clemens:

Andy Amoroso: (will remain) President
Greg Rice: (will remain) Vice President
Elroy Becerra: Treasurer/ replacing Pat Parr
Lynn Sibio: Secretary
Anna Marie Windisch-Hunt: Director
Brian Smith: Director
Pat Parr: Director

After swearing in of all parties, Andy Amoroso adjourned meeting at 8:30 p.m.
Next meeting is scheduled for: Feb. 17, 2011. Location Compass, time 7 p.m... Food and refreshments provided.

Minutes prepared by: Lynn Sibio, January 21, 2011.