Monday, April 18, 2011

Graffiti Hotline Update

The Graffiti Hotline is no longer working. I called 3 times - as a citizen and not as a board member - to report 4 instances of tagging in Mango Groves. Yesterday I was fed up, so I rode my bike to all of the spots with a camera and took pictures. I then emailed the pictures to Captain Silva. By 10am this morning I had a message from PBSO about the graffiti. Below is the email:

"Mr. Smith,
The four locations mentioned will be cleaned up today, 4/18/11. Should you find any additional graffiti, please call the Sheriff's Office and a deputy will respond to photograph the graffiti and forward the report to our Graffiti Unit. Please do not hesitate to call me should you have any questions and thank you for contacting us regarding this issue.

Lieutenant Beth Krivda
Watch Commander
District 14 - City of Lake Worth
561-202-9620 (Office)
561-472-4596 (Cell)"

I strongly encourage you to contact the non-emergency number for any instances of graffiti that you find in Lake Worth. Or you can call Lt. Krivda whose number is above."

Let's keep Lake Worth beautiful!!!

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